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WHOOP continually monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen levels

• Wear it on your wrist to track your heart rate 24/7 — right from home

• Monitor your overnight blood oxygen (SP02) levels

• Capture data continuously with the wireless charger and waterproof battery pack

• Track health data through LED lights and photodiodes with accuracy validated in lab studies and third-party testing

• Share your health metrics with your provider or caregiver for more streamlined care

• Available for $239 per year

How can WHOOP help me manage my health?

Heart Rate

Continually monitor your active and resting heart rate while awake and asleep.

Blood Oxygen

Track blood oxygen level overnight to detect potentially harmful disruptions in your breathing.

Heart Rate Variability

Improve your nervous system’s response to sleep and stress.

Health Trends

Gain accurate insights into your body’s health with daily, weekly, monthly and 6-month trend reports specific to your data.

Sleep Tracking

Monitor all 4 sleep cycles—slow wave sleep, REM, light and awake—with precision.

Data Sharing

Equip yourself with a robust array of health data to share with your provider or caregiver.

Case Studies

WHOOP has been clinically used in studies at the University of Arizona, US Army, and many others.

WHOOP partnered with the US Army to create a biometric baseline for soldiers’ health grounded in overall stress and sleep quality by analyzing personalized data like heart rate variability, resting heart rate and cardiovascular strain.

At the University of Arizona, researchers discovered that healthy people can improve their sleep quality by using the accurate measurement of sleep and cardiorespiratory variables WHOOP tracks.